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Best Female Orgasm Ever


Most women will admit that they have never had an orgasm for a long time. The truth is they don’t. Why? Because most men are unable to assist them to feel and enjoy that moment in their lives.

The male species think that once they have reached theirs, then that is the end of sex. Therefore, they end up leaving their partners disappointed and unsatisfied. Majority of the ladies believe that the best way to give them the climax they need is through sexual intercourse.

This means that the gentlemen will have to work extra hard to help their spouse get an orgasm. But there is nothing to worry about here is some few tips you can use.

The initial stages are very important. You need to fill her with excitement. To achieve this, foreplay will be essential. Give her a lot of it. If this does not work well, then you will have a difficult time during penetration.

Perform oral sex until she literary beg you to have intercourse. With foreplay you can attain a lot of things.

Once she is worked up and fully turned on, do not rush intercourse at all. Take your time. In normal situations, it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for a woman to climax, so make sure you can stay that long. Do regular exercises; this will help you increase your staying power.

Another thing you will have to improve on is the size of your manhood. You can last for an hour; use different style and other things, but if you have a small penis, you will not achieve much. Therefore, try and boost the size.

With these simple tips, you can work your way up in giving your woman the best female orgasm ever, and she will never turn her back on you.

Most people believe that anal sex is painful, but if you get the right knowledge, it is not messy and it brings in the additional happiness and fulfillment.

When you experience pain during anal sex, it simply means that there is something you are not doing right.

It is important to get adequate lubrication and have lots of patience in order to achieve this and enjoy the full pleasures that come with it.

It is a proven fact, that most men and women nowadays attain orgasms easily when they are stimulated through anal actions. So don’t hesitate to try it if you can. It is vital you understand the safety procedures before you attempt it. The diet you take is essential to help in the bowel movement.

Most people like using toys during sex. When you opt for anal sex, make sure you reserve the gadgets you utilize to be for that purpose only. If you intended to use one on the vagina, ensure that it is clean.

When you penetrate your partner, make sure you change the condom you were using and put in a new one. Rectal germs can cause severe infections if passed on into the vagina.

Anal sex for women should only be done when your partner is interested. Don’t force them if they are not into it. This form of sexual intercourse should be set aside for special moments and not at all times.

Majority of men would like to include anal sex, but in order to successful achieve it, they need to have a lot of knowledge plus enough lubrication and patience to accomplish.

The G spot is among the most sensitive areas of a woman’s sexual organ. If you can stimulate the region well, you can guarantee your partner an explosive orgasm she has ever experienced.

How to find the G spot

The G spot is located at the top of the entrance of the vagina. Therefore, in order to get to this place, you need to know the best techniques that will assist you to reach the mark. This article shares some simple steps you can use. Read on.

Utilize your fingers to make her achieve a g spot climax. With this, you need to lubricate your fingers well with either oil or saliva. Make sure you have short nails to avoid injuring her. Gently and slowly, put in one or two fingers as your palm faces up and then do a come here action.

With this, touch the front part of your partner’s vagina. Put on a little bit of pressure to that area. Use different massage movements on this spot. This will increase the arousal levels thereby raising the pleasure.

Communication is essential at this stage. Ask her how she feels as you stimulate the g spot. As she tells you how she feels, you will be better placed to improve on what you are doing. To spice it up, ask her to allow you to use your tongue on her clitoris.

This is a sure way to give her a double orgasm. If your spouse likes to use sex toys, you can just pop in one of the stores and purchase one together.

How To Breathe And Last Longer In Bed


Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects all men at a certain point in their sexual lives. Some are capable of overcoming; others are not. Therefore, it is important to try and deal with the issue before it ruins your relationship because you are not able to satisfy your spouse.

Nevertheless, you can train yourself and beat these problems by just doing simple exercise that will assist you greatly and help you rise above untimely climaxing.

Breathing work out can do a great job in controlling ejaculation on command and delaying male orgasms. During sexual intercourse, you may have noticed that as you increase the thrusting speed, your heart beat rate accelerates; this in turn raises your stimulation level, which leads to climaxing.

As a result, when you get to these point start breathing slowly. This will assist in holding off the orgasm by demand and at the same time reduce the heart’s pumping rate. Once your stimulation level decreases, you can begin all over again.

Practice this procedure and will help you overcome early ejaculation. The main objective is to train you on how to prevent yourself from going all through an ejaculation when you have just started to make your woman feel the pleasure.

Another technique that you can use to help you beat early ejaculation is masturbation. Start by arousing yourself until the point you feel you are about to climax and stop, relax a little then continue. This method of self-stimulation will help you control your orgasm.

Having hasty ejaculation can ruin your sexual encounter which you enjoy; therefore, do your best to overcome it with these exercise.

Premature ejaculation makes many men suffer in silence wondering what to do to improve this situation. They become anxious, stressed, unconformable leading to more problems such as bad relationships and even breakups.

The secret to avoid all that is to relax, remove all the doubts in your mind and take control of yourself. You don’t require any pills or creams to help last a little long, all that you need to do is change your preferred sex position.

Majority of the men like the missionary style; this method is known as the primary cause of early ejaculation. Just modify your technique and see that deference. Below are some approaches that you can try.

Let her be on top. Most men don’t like this way because they prefer being in control. This method helps you to relax more, when she is on top of you managing your ejaculation will be simply by relaxing your muscle of the pelvic, and the urge fades away.

Don’t wait until you are almost to climax that is when you rest and relax. These will also help your partner the freedom to move as she wants in order to maximize her own pleasure and orgasm.

Penetrating your partner on the side of the bed: In this style let her rest on the bed and stand upright at the edge. This position will assist in reducing the amount of blood flow to your manhood hence decreasing stimulation.

With this position use your hands to arouse her breast and clitoris. You can also put a pillow under her back and raise her buttock; this gives a G spot stimulation. Try these two techniques today and last long.

How To Prolong Your Ejaculation

You may have tried all the methods of preventing PE but they all seem not to work. Most of the methods are usually unconventional and involve a trial and error.

What might have worked for someone may not work for you. However, it is encouraging to know that there are medications which can be taken in order to prevent premature ejaculation.

These medications are also different in their nature and it is important that you find the one that works for you to prolong your ejaculation. Causes

1 out of 3 men suffer from PE. Both biological and psychological factors come into play when examining the causes of PE. You may feel embarrassed to talk about your problem. You shouldn’t because PE is both normal and treatable.


The common symptom is when you are not able to control your ejaculation within a minute of penetration. That is where the phrase of one minute was coined from. The symptoms can be classified into primary and secondary symptoms. The primary one takes a shorter time. Secondary on the hand has the same is after you have had a good sexual life. Secondary symptoms may be as a result of stress or even change in diet.

Many people think they can always fix the problem of PE on their own. It is advisable that you see a doctor so that he may recommend the appropriate treatment. Some people think that they are suffering from PE yet they not. A person that suffers from premature ejaculation is one that cannot last below five minutes. If you average five minutes then you are not suffering from PE.

Analgesic spray or cream

These products basically work by numbing the tip of the penis. Numbing reduces the sensitivity of the organ. When it comes to analgesic, the product is in two categories. There is the type that you are accustomed to usually in the form of cream. They actually reduce premature ejaculation significantly but the problem is with the sensation. You become more of a robot making love than a human being.

That is where the second category comes in. This category utilizes absorption technology. It has been tested and has shown impressive clinical results. The only problem is that it is not still available in the US because it has not yet been approved.


condomsCondoms can also medically help in premature ejaculation. These are not just any other condoms. If you go to a drug store, you will be able to be assisted further on this. Such condoms have analgesic at the tip which numbs the penis during intercourse.

The numbing is meant to reduce the sensation caused by intercourse and helps prolong ejaculation.


It is always advisable to consult a doctor if you suspect you are suffering from PE. The doctor is in a better position to advise on the various available medications for the condition. Don’t suffer in silence yet you may not even be suffering from PE.

The most frustrating thing during intercourse is week erection. When a man gets a limp erection , it's a big concern because he feels upset when he cannot satisfy their ladylove. Some of the factors that may cause this condition include biological factors where the man's manhood is oversensitive or maybe urinary infections. The psychological aspect such as stress, uneasiness or guilt can also be a problem that causes untimely ejaculation or poor erections. Other significant reasons that trigger sexual dysfunction are alcohol, drugs and smoking. However, these issues nowadays can be handled easily through following simple remedies, which will improve greatly the strength of your erection. Relax. Before engaging yourself to love making, make sure that you are at ease, take a deep breath and relieve all the tension. Some people believe that red wine helps in relaxation. Get your mind off a bit from the action. This is a method that you can use, but you have to keep it to yourself. Do not let your partner know because it will turn her off. Think about something else like sports, favorite program, etc. but do not overdo it because you might lose it all together. Take a break. Before you reach your climax, pause a bit until the desire to ejaculate passes. Communicate with your spouse so that she can slow down her movements for a moment. There are many other techniques that can help with staying hard longer and keep an erection which include, wearing a condom, experimenting in different positions, squeezing the base of your manhood just before climaxing and doing the Kegel exercise. These are just some of the ways that you can use to help in enjoying better sex with your partner.    

The female being has a right to enjoy sex just like their male counterparts. Keep in mind all human beings are sexual beings. Therefore, there is that craving to enjoy the benefits of sex to moment of going through vaginal orgasm. However, most women don’t get to enjoy the pleasure of reaching a climax even though they have sexual intercourse. make a woman cumThe following ideas will assist those who feel it is impossible to get to that point of full satisfaction and be able to regain their self-esteem and confidence. We all need to understand that the sensational feeling differs from one woman to another depending on their emotional and biological response. Vaginal orgasm is distinguished by the following:
  • Pubic, pelvic and thigh muscle's contracting
  • Reflex action of the body due to jerking and shaking during intercourse.
  • The warm feeling in your body due to pleasure
  • Some women feel like screaming or deep grunts, experience as if they are in the seventh heaven.
  • Tightening of the vagina as the partner’s manhood thrusts movement increases the feeling at short intervals on her body.
  • The sudden holding of your lover very tight and close
Foreplay will help you feel the pleasure and thrilling effect which you will experience the above reactions. Be natural and genuine with yourself. Women who fake orgasms do not do well to themselves. So you can learn how to make a woman cum naturally