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Erectile dysfunction is a common condition with many men today. 

Characterized by the inability to gain an erection or impotence, this condition can be triggered by a variety of factors such as relationship issues, medications, emotional, and health conditions. 

This is every man’s nightmare and is the leading cause of broken relationships in the twenty-first century.

Men suffering from this condition will therefore do anything just to last in bed, with many going for the blue pill

Although the blue pill may help you get an erection today, its effects do not last very long. You can however forego the blue pill for better and more efficient natural erectile dysfunction cures.

Herbal Viagra is considerably one of the best home remedies for ED and premature ejaculation. 

Herbal Viagra may contain L-arginine or ginseng, which helps promote relaxation of blood vessels in the genitalia hence resulting in an erection.

The best thing about using this herbal remedy is that its effects are longer lasting, as other compounds such as nitric oxides remain in the bloodstream for longer.

These compounds are required for one to be able to sustain an erection, and even gain another for several days later on.

Embracing a more active and better lifestyle can also help manage and even cure erectile dysfunction.

According to research, most people suffering from erectile dysfunction have poor lifestyle to blame.

Nonetheless, learning to lead an active life, such as exercising (swimming, walking, jogging, etc.) and watching your diet can help contain this condition for good.

Including healthy foods in your diet plan (unprocessed foods) should also help manage the condition and help you erect on demand .

Some of the most recommended foods for anyone suffering from ED and other libido issues include oysters, oily fish, green leafy vegetables, seeds, pumpkin seeds, and melons.

These pack plenty of minerals and other nutrients needed to regulate hormone production and vitality./


There are a lot of people out there that think erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are one and the same, however, the truth is that they are apples-to-oranges, not apples-to-apples. In this article, we are going to walk you through the differences between the two.

The difference between erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is this: With the former, you have trouble getting it up, while in the latter, you have trouble keeping it together.

Both conditions can be frustrating and can ruin your relationships if no natural remedy for ED is sort.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction do not ejaculate prematurely, however, most men who suffer from it work to ejaculate fast in order to have that great big orgasm before the penis starts to become soft.

There are also men who cannot get it up at all, or it hardens but soften just before entry.

If you suffering from this condition, you should know that you can take Viagra or any other similar supplement to help you maintain your erection during intercourse.

On the other hand, men who suffer from premature ejaculation do not have erection problems. They have no trouble getting it up and maintaining hardness during intercourse.

But they do have problems keeping holding their ejaculation and waiting for their partner to have an orgasm first before letting go.

If you are suffering from this condition, you need to know that, just like in the case of erectile dysfunction, there are natural treatments available for you, like this one ED Miracle Shake

Also, there are several techniques that you can use, like the pause-squeeze technique where you have your partner squeeze the area between the head and the shaft until the urge to ejaculate passes.

You do this as often as necessary until you feel that you are able to hold off your ejaculation long enough for your partner to have an orgasm first.

If you’re having problems getting it up, you do not need to worry because, in this article, we are going to share with you a few tips on how to get an erection fast and finally banish ED

We like to think that sex starts with the mind, and if you want to get lucky with it, you need to make sure that you are not stressed. If you know anything about stress, you already know that it can bum your sex life and ruin your chances of getting erect on demand

That said, if you have plans of seeing your girlfriend or making love to your wife tonight, keep your mind clear and stay relaxed during the day, even if you work in a high-stress environment. If you need to bury your head in the sand, do it.

Another tip that we would like to share is related to food and supplements. There are certain foods out there that can literally make you hot like garlic.

Did you know that in the past, monks were forbidden to eat it? So, eat garlic, or even better, take garlic supplements.

Don’t worry about the smell because most products have been processed to get rid of the pungency of garlic. Aside from this spice, there are other foods out there that can help you, like ginseng and Tongkat Ali.

These food products have been used for hundreds of years as they are known to improve men’s sexual health.

But of course, taking these so-called sex foods does not exclude you from maintaining a healthy diet.

Make sure to eat more fruits and vegetables, and to exercise. A healthy body will have more energy to devote to sex and will not spend a lot of energy trying to heal itself. If you need to, take a vitamin supplement.

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Every man desires to have a long and bigger penis in order to feel confident during sexual performance.

There are various natural ways which have been tested to enhance the size of your penis without using any kind of drugs.

With a bigger and large penis you will be able to perform sexual activities fully with confidence since you will get a lot of positive compliments from your clients.

Natural penis enlargement exercises requires you to be keen and willing in order to achieve a large penis.

Below are some of the various natural penis enlargement exercises as stipulated:


This is one of the most recommendable way of ensuring that you achieve a bigger and larger penis.Make sure that you lubricate your manhood with a greasy product such as oil which is less thick.

This will help reduce the friction on the skin of the penis and reduce the irritation.

This will help it to become larger and bigger during the performance since the blood tissues will have increased in size and more blood will flow in the erectile tissues and thus expanding it.


This is also another major exercise which is considered as very important in attaining the desired size of a longer penis.

This exercise requires that you pull and stretch the skin surrounding the penis which will assist in allowing more blood to flow in the erectile tissues as well as help in building up of the erectile muscles that are surrounding the penis.

This as a result will help in tightening the penis and thus increase its length and size.


This is also a very important exercise which has been highly recommended since once you warm your penis with a warm clothing you trigger the blood vessels in the penis to expand and allow flow of more blood in the penis and increase the size as well as allow erection to occur.

It will also be firm and ready for sexual performance.

If you are desiring to have a bigger and larger penis for sexual performance enhancement you do not have to worry anymore since you can achieve all this by exercising the above natural ways - penis enlargement bible -  which have been highly recommended to be effective.

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Female ejaculation is a phenomenon in the woman body whereby a fluid shoots out of the vagina or vulva at the moment when one is experiencing an orgasm. It may sometimes be referred to as she-jaculation, squirting, or gushing. This is a very controversial subject since many pornography writers suggest that all women ejaculate when they climax which is completely untrue. The reality of this is that regular ejaculation is not universal. Some women may do it once in their life and never experience it again. Female ejaculation has lots of effects on the lives of women. When a woman discovers that she drenches her sheets when she reaches her climax, it is natural that she feel embarrassed. It is unsurprising that such women tend to avoid sexual relations for fear of embarrassment. Before the 1980s, most doctors who knew of the phenomenon just presumed that the fluid produced is urine. However, when urine leaks during sex, it is common either during foreplay or during vigorous sex and not at orgasm. The fluid produced is yet to be tested adequately. This is because it is difficult to obtain it adequately for lab investigation. In addition, there are no large scientific funds going into this research as it tends to go to life threatening diseases. However, according to recent studies, the ejaculate is an alkaline liquid which unlike urine does not contain urea. The fluid tends to be clear colored and does not stain bedsheets yellow. Researchers also claim that it may contain some of the chemical ingredients that are usually found in the male prostate.  It is evident that a minority of the women population in the world ejaculate when their reach their climax during sex. In some cases, this may be urine and in some cases it is not. It is clear that more research needs to be done in this subject so that we can grasp a better understanding on what female ejaculation really is.

 How To Make A Girl Squirt Video

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Curing ED And Getting Harder Longer Lasting Erections

Erectile Dysfunction also referred to as impotence a person’s inability to keep an erection enough for sex. Having trouble with erections from time to time is not necessarily a problem worth your concern. However, if this problem persists, it can cause depression and affect your self- confidence. If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction, have a talk with your doctor or you can check out this ED Miracle cure. Sometimes you might need medication or other forms of direct treatments. If you have erectile dysfunction, your course of treatment depends on the cause of the condition. If your condition is as a result of an underlying health condition such as diabetes or heart disease, the condition will have to be treated first. In many cases, treating the underlying condition will resolve the problem as well. If you are on medication that is causing erectile dysfunction, there may be alternatives. It is vital not to stop taking a medication unless advised so by a qualified health practitioner who is responsible for your care. You can improve your symptoms by making a number of changes to your lifestyle. Some of these changes include losing weight in case you’re overweight, quitting smoking, stop taking illegal drugs, cutting back on alcohol consumption and exercising on a regular basis. As well as improve erectile dysfunction, these changes may also improve your general health. One of the most common type of medication used for erectile dysfunction is Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. These work by increasing the blood flow to the penis temporarily. However, if you have a cardiovascular disease, you should use these drugs with caution. The same case goes for men who are taking long lasting alpha blockers or are at risk of priapism. If you are not up for the inhibitors, there are a number of other forms of treatment that you can try. Some of these forms of treatment include vacuum pumps, surgery, hormone therapy and penile implants. << Home page Oral Sex Tip >>   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUu_-RDBj8A
Gabrielle Moore Hey baby, If there is one area when a lot of men really doubt their skills it’s when it comes to oral sex. The pressure is totally on you and your skills when it comes to oral. You can’t get help from your penis here, it’s all about your mouth and your hands and what they can do for your partner. So, it’s no wonder that a lot of guys really worry about whether or not they’re good at oral sex. Some guys worry about it so much that they actually avoid doing it altogether as a result. This is not good. Read my article to find out why you NEED to be an oral expert. One recent survey said that almost 90% of women felt that oral sex was important to them and would be concerned if they didn’t have it in their relationship. Some worried that their partner thought there was something wrong with them, others felt that if they didn’t get it the relationship wouldn’t last. Bottom line? You need to work on your oral skills. It’s important to her and to your relationship that you know what you’re doing! Check out this week’s 8 important oral sex tips that you need to know about. Kisses, Gabrielle Moore P.S. Stay tuned for more sex tips that will help you become a god in the bedroom. Until then, you can’t afford to miss out on these 8 essential oral sex tips. Click here to find out what they are: orgasmic licks   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMfHTqR7klU
    If your woman's body is your wonderlust and you want to bring her to unbelievable heights of erotic pleasure, then this is for you... ==> How to awake her pleasure zones for insane orgasms You see, the female body is an amazing work of sensuous design geared for pleasure... From all the nerve endings tingling beneath her skin and the blood vessels that fill and swell and make her more sexually aroused... Just about every part of the body covered by skin can be subtly aroused in some way... From goose bumps and her hair standing on end, to erotic sensation and sexual pleasure. As a matter of fact, if her entire body is just one big pleasure zone! How amazing is that? That said, there are several pleasure spots that routinely work better than others, for most women anyway... ==> 17 untapped female pleasure spots When you go exploring her body, don't just dive straight into the obvious spots. Instead take the time to explore her body and see how she responds. Pay attention to what turns her on. What raises goose bumps on her skin. What makes her smile, melt, squirm, and giggle with pleasure. There's a whole body to explore, so make sure you check out every luscious curve, swell and groove to find the secrets spots that turn her on. If you want a quick and dirty primer on what works to unleash a woman's most lustful streaks... this is for you: female pleasure spots Seize the day, Lloyd Lester   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnPYaXkMGVE

Making Women Orgasm

Every woman wants a man with the capacity to give them powerful leg shaking orgasms during sex. However, some men do not understand the right way to make this happen. This is the primary reason most ladies don’t get satisfaction in bed and they end up looking for other alternatives. Understanding the correct tricks to make your woman orgasm or squirt is paramount. Here are some tricks that can work wonders for your woman.
  • Turn her on

You must turn your woman on or else you will never succeed to make happy in bed. You can take her to bed for several hours without getting her to the climax if you have not the right technique. Arouse her to that level where she can do just anything. Extend your mutual playing and foreplay to make her feel like she is going to heaven.
  • Stimulate her further

Since women typically require more time to climax than men, you are forced to extend your intercourse duration. As such, you end up exhausted after the first ejaculation. The only way to make her climax within the shortest time is to engage in oral sex prior to the normal intercourse. You should therefore, stimulate her further with your mouth and tongue to reduce her time to orgasm. Click here for more climax tips:  squirting orgasm shortcuts
  • Keep going

When your woman is about to reach the top of the hill, you must ensure that you keep going. This is because when you stop at such a time, she will get back to step one .   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgMYIB1fhQY

Squirting Orgasms Shortcuts

  There are very many myths that surround squirting. Some of them include:

That every woman out there can do it, all they need to do is learn about it

This may not be true because where the skene's gland is placed is different in every woman which means that physiologically, not every woman is able to squirt even if they get all the right education concerning it.

That squirting is pee

Some experts out there believe that when a woman squirts, it is urine that comes out. However, the study on how this is true has not been consistent even though some women claim that they have actually tasted it and that it is nothing close to urine. They have even said that it has a unique smell which is nothing close to the way urine smells.

Squirting is caused by stimulating the G-spot

Since many people still do not understand what the G-spot is all about, it is still not confirmed if its stimulation is behind ejaculation in women. Some say its the best and of all fastest squirting orgasm shortcuts Research has shown that stimulating this area of the vagina during sexual intercourse may actually cause ejaculation in some women while in others it may not have any effect.

That the way you see women squirting in porn videos is for real

Some porn videos are very unrealistic and they tend to give expectations that at times can never happen. Keep in mind that when you see lots of fluid coming out if those women remember that it can actually be faked since they are only acting.  

Orgasm By Command

  Research has shown that reaching an orgasm is very good for your health and that sex is also very beneficial. However, there are myths out there that mess with the way people think about orgasm. Below are some of those myths with facts concerning the same.

As you age, your chances of reaching orgasm keep on reducing.

orgasm by commandThis is not true since the inability of reaching an orgasm is a common issue to many people regardless of age. There are very many reasons as to why this happen which may either be emotional, mental or even physical. Men need to understand that for a woman to be fully satisfied, vaginal intercourse should not be the only way of pleasuring her.

Condoms make having an orgasm very difficult

Even though using a condom may not give a man the maximum sexual experience that he's looking for, there is no way of proving that condoms affect your ability to have an orgasm by command.

Women are able to reach orgasm very easily

As much as movies and pornographic videos may want us to believe that women are able to reach orgasm easily, this is not true. The truth of the matter is that many women may need up to a maximum of 20 minutes for them to reach orgasm. However, this is possible after slow and passionate foreplay which should be done with an aim of making her ready and hot for you.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HyzHkRQMhA[/embed]
Before anything else, it is important for you to know that before trying to make your woman squirt, it may be important for you to know that she may actually not even have an idea of what this is. Another important thing that you may have to keep in mind is that making her squirt should not be the only thing that should be in your mind. It is important that you first make sure that she has an idea of how she is supposed to do it and in case, she doesn't know how to then you can go ahead and teach her. Below are some simple steps that you can follow to achieve Female Ejactulations.

Building an arousal

This is the very step and it is a very important step because without creating any kind of arousal achieving squirting may be close to impossible. It is important that you make the female completely turned on and very ready for any sexual adventure.

Stimulating the g-spot

G-spot stimulation is very important especially when you want to achieve ejactulations. Therefore, taking the time to learn how to stimulate this area is very important.

Tell your partner what to do

You can show your partner how you like it and what you want her to do. Making sure that she is relaxed and up for it is very important.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7jtiC4_PzU[/embed]
When it comes to squirting, there are very many myths that surround it. Some of these myths include:

That squirting is peeing

Some experts tend to believe that what actually comes out when a woman is said to be squirting is pee. However, numerous studies that have be done have not really shown what the truth really is. Some women have even claimed that they have actually tasted it and have said that it does not have the taste of urine. The same women have claimed that the fluid that normally comes out has a unique smell and it does not smell the same way as urine.

That the way women in porn videos squirt is what really happens

This is absolutely false since these porn videos are only a way of entertaining their viewers. That's why male porn stars always try to make her squirt hard Also, some of these videos can be very unrealistic and tend to show things that can never happen in reality. Some of these videos show the women there removing huge amounts of the fluid in the name of squirting. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that this can actually be faked since all they are doing is acting.

That squirting can only be achieved by stimulating the G-spot

Even though stimulating the G-spot plays a very important and big role when it comes to squirting in women, there are other ways in which you can be able to achieve this as well.  

Want To Know How To Perform Cunnilingus Techniques?

One of the best techniques to ensure that you women enjoy an orgasm is through cunnilingus. This is a sexual activity which will make your lady lover have multiple climaxes provided you do it right.

Here are 5 important cunnilingus tips to help you achieve your goal.

www.orgasmiclicksguide.com1. Make sure that your woman is stimulated properly. This is very essential if you want to succeed. If she is not aroused well, they normally experience pain instead of pleasure.

Therefore, before attempting it, play with her erotic parts, which stir her up. These include the breast, inner thigh, neck area, spine earlobes, and any other sensitive part in her body.

2. Do not go right away for your lady’s clitoris. Usually, it is hidden under the top opening of her vagina. When you go down on her, forget the clits for a while. It contains over eight thousand nerves. Thus, work on other areas first.

3. Utilize the ABCs technique. This is the best method to perform cunnilingus since it is easy and fast in making a woman orgasm.

Place your tongue on either side of the clits and start to draw the ABCs or any other shape you can think of. (Make sure she is lubricated well before attempting this)

4. As you observe the way she is responding, begin to suck the clitoris into your mouth. Do not bite! Otherwise, you will put her of.

5. Alter the positions you use during cunnilingus. Ensure you try to vary the different style when you go down on her.

Giving your woman a good cunnilingus is not all she requires for her to be fully satisfied. Your woman will expect a lot from you after that.

For more check out orgasmiclicksguide.com - how to perform cunnilingus




Making your woman ejaculate is something that you can accomplish easily if you know the technique to use. Most ejaculations ( or squirting ) in women are triggered by orgasm; therefore, you must, first of all, assist her reach her climax.

However, not all of them are able to; some are dry or others come through squirting.

How to make a girl squirtOne of the surest ways to give your partner an orgasm is by stimulating the G spot. It is sensitive and if you can correctly arouse it, then ejaculation will be possible.

Massage and put pressure on it; this increases the fluid build-up in her urethra then it comes out during climaxing.

Nevertheless, most women confuse these feeling with urinating thus some will try to block it. Therefore, you should reassure your spouse that pee cannot pass when you are about to cum. Once she is relaxed, it will be easier for her to squirt.

To achieve this goal, you have to know how to stimulate the g spot. Here are simple styles you can use.

You can utilize your fingers to arouse the g spot. Make sure you have extra towels and sheets because there is going to be a lot of fluid coming out. Ensure your hands are clean and nails groomed well. You can learn how to make a woman squirt at makeherejaculate.com

This will prevent hurting her in the process. Before you insert your fingers in her vagina, make sure she is lubricated. Find the g spot which is about two inches inside the opening of the vagina. It is located on the upper front wall. You can combine this with cunnilingus to speed up the ejaculation.

Other methods you can use to arouse your partner's orgasm are the private lap dance, and doggy style. Use them and watch your woman squirt.

How To Get A Bigger Penis Without Pills

Natural penis-enlargement exercise programs are among the most secure procedures used to increase both the length and girth of your manhood, as long as a seasoned, trustworthy and long-established reference like getbiggerdickguide.com is the source of your exercise tips. Before you make a decision to indulge yourself into some serious stuff like an all-natural exercise to enhance your penis size, it is important that you have prior information on the expected results to this procedure. Such knowledge, coupled with right mindset, ensures that you come out of the program more satisfied with your efforts of how to make your penis bigger without pills

A. Take Action

how to get your dick bigger without supplementsCertainly, as you engage in a penis exercise program that shows you how to increase penile size naturally, prepare for one thing: actual physical exercise. While pills or surgery, which carries much more risk, will promise you unexplained results with very minimal, if any, effort required from you; an exercise program requires that you dedicate a little bit of your time and energy into it. Furthermore, unlike pills or surgery, a natural exercise program has a higher likelihood of being more legitimate, providing you long-term and truer natural results. Typically, it takes a minimum of a few weeks before initial results of your efforts can start to manifest.

B. Permanent Results

On the upside, the advantage of a natural penis exercise program is permanent penis-size increase, unlike methods such as penis pumps or surgery. To continue enjoying the benefits of a penis pump, you have to continue using it. A surgery, on the other hand, may force you to go for maintenance care and other follow-up procedures. Additionally, you get a raft of other benefits with exercising since several parts of the penis are being stimulated simultaneously, enhancing their functions as well.

C. Extra Benefits

Bonus benefits related to penis enlargement exercise programs include better blood circulation. Quite undoubtedly, we are all privy to the fact that when blood circulation in your package down there is awesome, stronger and firmer erections result. Another additional advantage of penile exercising is enhanced stamina and higher ejaculate control, i.e. you can now hold in your ejaculate for longer, resulting in better pleasure and satisfaction for you and your sexual partner.

D. 1-3 Inches in 3-12 Months

What are the probable size enhancement figures to reasonably expect? Obviously, we all cannot have the same results. Your anatomy, but also your own dedication to the exercise, matter a lot. There have been reports of 1/4 to 1/2-inch improvements in as short as 2 weeks as well as 1 to 3-inch increases in 3 to 12 months penile exercises. Apart from penile lengthening, increases in the girth, as well as in strength and quality of erections, have also been observed. One thing is for sure; if your goal is to have an improved penile package, do not be discouraged by the size you are beginning from. There is no other more rewarding way to penile enhancement that I know of, and I have already tried all of them. Want to get more details about how to make your dick bigger without pills and what high-quality, trusted and reputable penis enlargement exercise programs have in store for you? Then hook up with the www.getbiggerdickguide.com... guys; they know best.  

Best Female Orgasm Ever


Most women will admit that they have never had an orgasm for a long time. The truth is they don’t. Why? Because most men are unable to assist them to feel and enjoy that moment in their lives.

The male species think that once they have reached theirs, then that is the end of sex. Therefore, they end up leaving their partners disappointed and unsatisfied. Majority of the ladies believe that the best way to give them the climax they need is through sexual intercourse.

This means that the gentlemen will have to work extra hard to help their spouse get an orgasm. But there is nothing to worry about here is some few tips you can use.

The initial stages are very important. You need to fill her with excitement. To achieve this, foreplay will be essential. Give her a lot of it. If this does not work well, then you will have a difficult time during penetration.

Perform oral sex until she literary beg you to have intercourse. With foreplay you can attain a lot of things.

Once she is worked up and fully turned on, do not rush intercourse at all. Take your time. In normal situations, it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for a woman to climax, so make sure you can stay that long. Do regular exercises; this will help you increase your staying power.

Another thing you will have to improve on is the size of your manhood. You can last for an hour; use different style and other things, but if you have a small penis, you will not achieve much. Therefore, try and boost the size.

With these simple tips, you can work your way up in giving your woman the best female orgasm ever, and she will never turn her back on you.

Most people believe that anal sex is painful, but if you get the right knowledge, it is not messy and it brings in the additional happiness and fulfillment.

When you experience pain during anal sex, it simply means that there is something you are not doing right.

It is important to get adequate lubrication and have lots of patience in order to achieve this and enjoy the full pleasures that come with it.

It is a proven fact, that most men and women nowadays attain orgasms easily when they are stimulated through anal actions. So don’t hesitate to try it if you can. It is vital you understand the safety procedures before you attempt it. The diet you take is essential to help in the bowel movement.

Most people like using toys during sex. When you opt for anal sex, make sure you reserve the gadgets you utilize to be for that purpose only. If you intended to use one on the vagina, ensure that it is clean.

When you penetrate your partner, make sure you change the condom you were using and put in a new one. Rectal germs can cause severe infections if passed on into the vagina.

Anal sex for women should only be done when your partner is interested. Don’t force them if they are not into it. This form of sexual intercourse should be set aside for special moments and not at all times.

Majority of men would like to include anal sex, but in order to successful achieve it, they need to have a lot of knowledge plus enough lubrication and patience to accomplish.

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